Stop the City Commission from going forward with more development on our public beach!


What is Going on?

The City Commission created an ITN (Invitation to Negotiate) requesting that developers submit proposals for “Casino and Beach Complex Expansion” our newly upgraded beach. These upgrades were wide open, and could include adding buildings.  The ITN is discussed here at a September 23, 2014 commission meeting.  The ITN Selection Committee has been meeting to look at these proposals and most of these meetings have been held in private. The Selection committee did hold a held a meeting on Election Day Tuesday Nov 4, 2014. Obviously, this is not a great day to hold an important public meeting.  At that meeting they reviewed the proposals, but we have not seen copies.  The proposals are being reviewed and negotiated behind closed doors with no public input.


Fast Forward to This Week:

One of the Developers making a beach proposal is named Hudson Holdings.  They also own the Gulfstream Hotel.   They held a meeting on Wednesday Febuary 25th to which only certain property owners were invited.  They announced that they have submitted plans to the city for a Conference Center on our beach property that would include a Beach Club (that would sell memberships), a retail component, and 20,000 sf of conference space. This development is designed to be located directly south of our new Casino building. It is planned to cover at least one acre of our beach-front property.


Now What?

We are working to inform fellow residents about this situation.  To voice our opposition to any additional development on our public beach.  Our community has worked very hard to  keep our beach property 100% public and entirely under the control of our city.